Russian Far Eastern Honey

We sell honey wholesale from 1 to 30 tons
We've been beekeeping for over 30 years
We send our honey to any region of Russia, China or Japan
Quantity (kg.)
Our apiary is located in the ecologically clean taiga area of the Primorsky Region in Russia, far from the city and routes, which guarantees the purity and naturalness of beekeeping products.
We have over 500 bee family in our apairy.
Our product
Linden honey
Honey is collected in the taiga of the Primorsky region near the Spassky area.
Color is light yellow.
Graininess is fine-grained.
Honey has a strong aroma.
After setting, the honey becomes white, the crystal is fine - lard-shaped (the consistency of butter).
The moisture content of honey: 17-18,5 %.
Flower honey
Honey is collected in the meadows of the Khasansky area of the Primorsky Krai.
The color is golden-yellow, sometimes with an amber hue.
Has a strong, very pleasant aroma, reminiscent of the smell of buckwheat honey, has a sweet taste, with a bitter aftertaste.

The moisture content of honey: 17,5-19%.
Kalopanax honey
Very rare and one of the most valuable varieties of honey because of the most valuable properties of the plant itself.
Kalopanax - a rare, relict deciduous tree.
It is called cìqiū (刺楸) in Chinese, eumnamu (음나무) in Korean, and harigiri (ハリギリ; 針桐) in Japanese.
Honey has a strong, rich aroma and specific flavor qualities.
Colours range from light yellow to amber-gold.
The moisture content of honey: 18-19%.
Last year, the whole amount of linden honey was purchased in only two large deliveries!
Our strengths
Each shipment of our products is tested in the Regional Research Laboratory for compliance with GOST, accompanied by a veterinary certificate and a copy of the passport of the apiary.
Manufacturing Features
Own apiary allows us to control the quality of honey at the initial stage and get a natural product without any impurities.
We're always happy to welcome guests.
Our partners can come to the apiary at any time, where we will show you the apiary itself, the honey pumping shop and the finished product warehouse.

Adress: Vishnevka village, Spassky area, Primorsky region, Russia.

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